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Why Having Good Content is Critical for Your Website

Why Having Good Content is Critical for Your Website | CW360ASPTechnology has made it possible for your business to gain more exposure than ever before possible. However, simply having a website will not ensure that your business will be a success. No matter what type of product, service, or focus your organization provides, there are key elements that you must have. Good content strategy is critical to the success of your website, but for many, the concept of good content is a murky one. Keep reading to find out why you owe it to yourself to provide the best content possible.

Quality over Quantity

Some internet marketing gurus and website content developers mistakenly believe that the best way to drive traffic to their site is to up the number of pages. While this can provide a slight improvement in click-through traffic, it will not guarantee sales or success. People who visit your site are doing so because they are interested in what you might have to offer. When they reach the website, they are looking for high quality information that will help them with whatever they are looking to buy or learn about. Failing to provide high quality content will force these visitors to look elsewhere, and will ultimately cause your site to rank lower in search engine results. Richard Cohen, VP Operations of MezzoLogic LLC, a Los Angeles based Search Engine Optimization company, explained “Most internet users stick within the first 1 to 3 pages of search results, which means that your content needs to rank higher if you want to get noticed.”

Content is Key

Content is about much more than the design of your website. You can create a stunning site that is filled with amazing graphics and colors, but if the actual content is lacking, it will all be for nothing. Visitors need to find value in the content that you provide on your site, or they will have no use for visiting. A good rule of thumb is to focus on the fact that website visitors are really no different than your face to face customers. As such, they should be provided with the same information that you would provide to someone who walked into your business. While it is fine to spend time creating an eye-catching website design, you also need to make sure that your headings and descriptions are just as engaging if you want to make sure that your visitors turn into customers.

More than Words

It is also important to remember that your content is not simply the words you type on a page. You should include relevant graphics, videos, and photos as well. All of these are examples of content, and they should help your website explain your business. The best content is the kind that engages viewers, while also explaining what your website has to offer. If a visitor can learn everything you would explain to them in person, you will have a site that generates results.

Your focus is on gaining customers, and the only way to do this is to provide the content that visitors are looking for.

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Managing Negative Comments on Yelp

Managing Negative Comments on Yelp | CW360ASPEverybody has an opinion and thanks to the internet, everyone has an avenue to express it.  This can be both good and bad in all cases.  High praise for your business can increase traffic and revenues substantially.  Likewise, a few misplaced comments that express discontent can have a significantly large adverse effect.

This presents the problem of how to handle or manage the negative reviews that surface through day to say business.  The best procedure is to be professional, honest, and sincere in how you address these issues.  A public argument that shows the nasty side of people can be more detrimental than the comment itself.

So tread lightly and do the best and most proper public relations that you can.  These issues are available for public view and should be regarded with the upmost care possible.

Claim your site

All review sites such as Yelp allow the owner to claim the site.  This is the first thing you should do.  It allows you to update the demographics of the business and make certain all public information is correct.  This is paramount to good business.

After claiming the site you gain administrative abilities that allow you to further respond to negative postings from a consumer’s perspective.  You can diplomatically proceed with either addressing or rectifying the consumer related issue.

You now have the ability to present your defense/solution and let the passion for your business be witnessed by all.  Upon receipt or notification of a complaint it is of upmost importance you act quickly.  Allowing a negative comment to go too long without response can display a lack of concern and give people the impression that you might not fully care about the clientele you are serving.

The responsibility is now on the business owner to monitor, manage and remove unwarranted reviews.

Removing unwanted Yelp reviews

Nobody wants to see negative comments posted about their business.  But unfortunately, this is going to occur.  Many owners would do just about anything to have all negative reviews removed from their listing.  Unfortunately this is not realistic and would not present a trusted view of the establishment.

Having bad reviews/comments is a part of doing business.  You should view this problem as your time to shine and potentially win over new patrons.

Be yourself.  If a negative complaint is present, chances are something happened through the delivery of service to get it there.  Address the comment open and honestly.  Be consistent in your suggested resolutions and admit when something truly wrong happened.  Everyone makes mistakes, and those who think they don’t will lose a lot of potential clientele trying to convince people otherwise.

You simply cannot please everyone

People have tremendous expectations that sometimes simply cannot be achieved.  Everybody realizes these people exist, and also that these people love to force these expectations upon others. Consumers also possess compassion and sympathy. Displaying an honest attempt to rectify a negative experience can often have a greater impact on your business than positive reviews.

For more information on how Yelp manages and filters consumer reviews, please visit:

Content is King

Content is King

Content is KingIn the world of marketing, this phrase is perhaps one of the most used in recent years. However, there is much more to the idea than simply creating content – you have to understand what your potential customers expect from your content, and how they interact with it.

Website Content

Your website is an integral part of your business. While there are still many customers who will contact you directly about a particular product or service, the internet is the most popular information gathering option. This means that the content you provide needs to be relevant, engaging, and on target with current customer practices. For example, blogs have become a popular way of engaging with customers; they provide useful information and insight about a particular business, product, or service. There are currently more than 325 million blogs posts that are read every month, and that number increases each day. This shows the importance of providing content that your customers are looking for.

Numerous studies and aggregate data has shown that potential customers spend half of their time on internet content. When you consider the vast number of websites available, it becomes clear that the only way to get noticed is to ensure that you are providing useful, engaging content. Your website needs to be selling your product, not just providing a description. Your website content needs to be a visual representation of the selling practices that you use in face-to-face interaction. This means that you need to provide images, videos, clear descriptions, and other relevant information if you want to ensure improved success.

Social Media Content

Social media has become a veritable giant in the world of brand awareness and sales. While 93% of shared information is in the form of emails, 89% is shared through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. This means that you have to make sure that your content is something relevant and interesting, and something that potential customers will want to share with others. While not all social media platforms are right for all businesses, there are some that are nearly required – most notably Facebook.

Facebook provides you with your own page that can be filled with content, as well as one of the most cost effective means of spreading that information. There are billions of Facebook users all over the world, which means you can reach more people than ever before possible. The key is to provide content that others will want to share. If you find your own content boring and uninspiring, so will everyone else. Take the time to build and nurture Facebook content and interaction that is interesting and engaging, and make sure to update it several times per week for best results.

Content is an interesting and valuable concept for your business. If you want to make sure that you are reaching the maximum number of potential clients or customers, you have to provide content that others want to read, and want to share with others.